Microtransat Coverage by BBC

Integrity Team USA likes this sailbot coverage by the BBC, and appreciates all of the efforts by college and university students, mentors, designers, and others exploring the maritime frontier.

Microtransat Sailbot courtesy Aland Sailing Robots

No one has ever sailed an autonomous boat across the Atlantic. Few have even tried – just a handful of teams have competed in the transatlantic Microtransat Challenge since it began in 2010. All have failed, for reasons including “caught in a fishing net”, “picked up by a fishing boat” or, frequently, simply lost at sea with a vague last-known location.

The closest anyone has ever come was the summer of 2017, when a boat called Sailbuoy, built by a company called Offshore Sensing, travelled 1,500 kilometers – more than half way – before it started going in circles.

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